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Bill Withers | Ain’t No Sunshine


Having internet literally as slow as old school dial up is getting really fucking annoying. Can’t even use tumblr without waiting an eternity for each picture to load. No point even trying to load any video either. YouTube won’t even work at lowest resolution -_-
That’s youporn and the like out the window too then! Not that I use such things! 😇
Give me fibre broadband now please!
Or make this phone contract end sooner so I can get more 3G to use!


I’m kind of scared to take the sticker off what the heck??

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Sleeping grass - I love this stuff! Who wants normal grass when you could have a garden full of this?

So cool

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I should really stop coming on here

Tumblr either makes me;
A) sad
B) horny
C) hungry

Or usually a mix of the three..


Pandora Box

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